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DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

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Hello my name is Angela, I am in desperate need of another car!! I have one that's causing me so many problems that I cannot afford to get it fixed. Will you please help me to get a new car!! I just got it out of the Repair shop on Monday and it ran hot on me Tuesday to where I had to leave it in another town. I was on my way to take my Dad to his Doctor's appt. In which he need the car too, after having a HA and being diagnosed with Cancer, but thank God he's Cancer free and the HA was taking care of prior to treatments for the Cancer. So he still see the Doctors in Thibodaux, LA which is about an hour away from Patterson, where we reside. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for reading my message. God Bless!!!
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I am disabled and cannot work. I have COPD among other illnesses. I am in need of a car to get back and forth to my doctor appointments and pharmacy. I really need one with the air conditioning since I am living in Texas where it's very very hot and I cannot breathe in this kind of heat.
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I basically just hit rock bottom the past couple years I was accused of embezzlement with my former employer, who had me arrested out of the store, eventually losing my job. That led to me losing my family as well as the car that I had in the past 2 years having to moving back with my parents at the age of 50 it's pretty embarrassing! Unable to find work due to my pending court case against my former employer and no transportation is killing me! I just need a vehicle to be able to get back out looking for a job and to see my kids!
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Annabella Rose
Im a born again Christian. Saved from stripping on Bourbon St. by Jesus. Sounds unreal. By Frather Almighty true on my life. Being a female men capable of helping will not. They
demand me sexually. This i can not. I pray n im waiting. Im trying hard for my dream job at Audubon Zoo. I need a vehilcle to get there early n daily. I cant change the past. I have NO money. I was generous when i had money. Pray for karma. My heart is heavy. Dont feel sorry. Feel strong. Family passed due to Katrina, except for brother, however he has many may kids n elderly to care for. I understand. I pray u can help. And i can drive to see my 34 yr old son. I will be able to drive to a job far off, Zoo. I pray Jesus willl come to my aide. Well, blessing and all is true by the blood of Yesuha. Thank you for reading.
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hai am kalyango from uganda am in need of a x wife took of every thing from me like all my propeties .only job remaing.but ill be fired soo becouse i cant reach at my job on time the olacs is very far please help me
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In desperate need of a free car for my daughters. Only have one car and they both have jobs at different places, one in high school and the other wants to go to college but needs a way there.
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AnaisChanell   in reply to Maricela75
If you are interested in purchasing a car

The only repair necessary would be to the driver's window and no title is available
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I’m in need of car after my ex totaled mine. I’ve been try to find a decently priced one but nothing in my price range. I’m in the verge of losing my job and house because I can’t find rides to work any longer.
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Hi I a single parent I really need a car cos I don't want to loose my job n I need to take my son to school n doctor appointment please I really need u help I canpay the car in payments o I do anything u want
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Terry johnson
I need a car if anyone can help I would highly appreciate it..
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Access   in reply to Mapapa
I paid last semester school but due to my father's death I have not paid this semester's bill and I will be withdrawn from the school please and please somebody help.
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M staying far from my school and I can't affort money for hiking everyday...both of my parents they don't work so that I can stay at flats am from rural
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Wow just reading thru this makes me realize that there's other people with worst situation them me I need a car to move around and live in while I get back on my feet.but I wish you all the best and I will pray for all of you to get what you wish for it. Stay positive and strong.
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I am looking for a business to donated me a car they can put paint job on car to show when I am driving for their business? Please? I am begging ? I need a car to get around after devorice my x husband killed my last car and I need to have one but can not buy to get around doctors take my son who can not drive to his job groc store freedom having a car gives you . My x husband used car to control my life I need one to get around for my son his wife to be and my granddaughter they are slow work barely enough that will pay our rent we can not afford a car payment so I be so greatful to anyone who donates a free car to me pleas?
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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to Cassidyf
Hi this is a info site Lcollver not been on here in years. I have been on here for six years look up about a free car more than one time there no resources for a free car sorry
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I need a car so I can fetch job and get to work, I'm broke but if I could get a free car it would be a blessing
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shanda lou
My name is shanda I am 32 years old and 5 months pregnant. My biological father was sent to prison and he left my half brother whom is 19 alone jobless... I was walking to work until I decided to take my last 50$ and get to my little brother. He inheritated my grandparents house. I have faith God will pull us through but until o find a job I don't know how I van support us especially a new baby. I currently don't even know how I can get to the baby doctor. If we had a car things would be so much easier to find jobs and get to baby doctor. We really need help, please!
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