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DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

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King Chaotic
OK here's the problem, I'm 30 years old. I have a wonderful girlfriend and a special needs step daughter, I have never had a driver's license nor have I been able to get one, and even when I was growing up, my parents never helped me, nor did they even let me practice driving, except for a couple times, and that wasn't even on a regular street, I was only able to drive down a 2 mile dirt road, and because of that I don't have much experience behind the wheel, but I do know all of the traffic signs, and rules, I currently don't have a job, because I haven't had much luck finding one, due to the fact, that I don't have a license, or a car, and the only income we have right now is, my girlfriend and my step daughter, who are both on disability, and we only have enough for bills and groceries, and a few personal items, and we could really use a car, because right now, all we have to use for groceries is a little push cart, from the dollar store, which we have had to replace twice, and if I could get a car I can also start my own business, and then I can work on getting us a better place, than an apartment in the hood.
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Hi i am 62 years old and on my own and i am trying to keep my job i have to rely on my daugther to take me to work i work part time trying to survive my rent is 600 a month i pay 300 every two weeks and that is all i make please help me.
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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to Dearwoman
Hi there no resources that can help with anything to do with a car. The person you posted to has not been on here in years now.
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I truly don't understand why I need to tell you a life story for a car, but here we go. I'm 18 diagnosed with ptsd and depression and anxiety. My mom is a single working mother whom suffers from her own problems and needs help around the house. since i suffer from anxiety and all those.. .'' wonderful '' issues its very hard for e to get a job and walk to it, i get scared to the point i cant breathe and always end u losing jobs and cant help my mom around the house like i wish i can. im also suppose to be going to college at the end of this school year but have no car to go do that for myself. We dont have enough money to barely feed us and the government wont help us with food stamps when her money mainly goes to bills. i know im not going to get a free car on the fact this could be fake and i have many reason why i need a car but thats some. i need help. i dont have money to get a car to go get a job to get mom and help my mother. this is worth a shot i guess.
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I am a single disabled mother aged 52 years. My names Rebecca Nakanwagi, I was born in Masaka district 82 kilometers from the city Kampala \Uganda Africa. We are four children in our family and I am the eldest among my sisters. Our father was a peasant who was killed in the war when he had gone to his usual field work in 1985. My mother is still alive but very old she is 78 years.
According to my mother, I was born as any other normal child but as I had just started walking, polio attached me. It started as fever mum tells and I ended up crowing. My mother tried various hospitals for treatment and I ended up with my spine cord curved ( a big harp appears at my back) my right leg is very small and limping am supported by a walking cane. My left hand is weakened at the upper joint, am too short and my movement is very slow, I have special shoes and they are too heavy for me yet they are the ones to support my walking, without these shoes I can’t walk at all. When I remove them in the house I just crow down like a baby and as am in a rented house it is also difficult for me to visit the wash rooms instead it is my children to take my poope to the wash room all the time. I can only walk a distance of 300 meters the longer distance I use a motor-cycle type of transport which is costly to me.
I was educated to a secondary level due to the death of my father. My mother struggled with us in terms of tuition fees, health problems, clothing’s, food in order to grow up. As my mother was left alone she managed to take me for a Secretarial Course after that I was employed by the Planning Department. As I grow up I got 2 children all boys the elder one is 26 years and the youngest is 15 years he is still at secondary level form three (3) the father to these children denied them responsibility in fear of public opinion as he is able boded, instead it has been me to carry on all the father’s responsibility and mine too.
I am working as a secretary in Planning Department in our country but my salary is very little according to my needs, I have to pay tuition for my children, feeding them, pay house rent, clothing, health problems and also looking after my old mother. From home to my place of work I use public transport which makes my life so difficult moving from one vehicle to another this is because my boobs are too big to be supported by my legs which is due to over sitting all the time I need to be supported entering the vehicle all the time. At times people don’t want to support me I need to plead for that support in order to enter the vehicle. When it rains, things become so complicated at times I reach late or I don’t go to work. My colleagues at work don’t want to take me in their vehicles may be because I use a walking cane I don’t know they just leave me behind. Hospitals are very far, I also go by public means or I go by motor cycles known as (boda-boda) going to the market I use the same motor cycle type of transport. When am unable to go shopping I just send my children but they don’t buy things of my choice. I can’t move more than 300 meters from my house.
I plead for you who is reading this message to get me a car to easy my movement I don’t mind a second hand car can also help me, I can’t afford buying it myself. Please come to my life be my savior and get me out of this problem.
This vehicle can help me move without asking for help to easy my movement for me to gain peace of mind
Thank you

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I have 2 baby girls and just moved to Florida, right now were homeless and I can get a job I just need a car who can help me?
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Nojoe   in reply to Broken hearted mom 1958
What kind of cancer did your daughter have? Are you doing any better?
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Broken hearted mom 1958
first or all my daughter passed away on January 24: 2017 she had to move to her dads because hospice forced her to because my mother had hospice then they took my mother to a nursing home so her dad decides he keeping her car even knowing we my son and i and his gf with a junk car that has a spark plug stuck or cross threaded some one decided to try and get it out and broke it off i can't work i'm on disability so is my son and his gf after bills are paid there is no money left for much else i'm a diabetic i lost the vision in my rt eye from a tumor behind my eye had to get surgery they got all but 10% and i have high blood pressure arthritis in my hands and knees ,i have lower back problems chronic pain get this if it i sent one thing after another our hot water heater breaks down had to replace that $400.00 had to get help to pay a $216.00 electric bill just about had that turned off got that fixed now i have to pay insurance on a car we can not drive cant afford cable so i play on the net i take depression medicine anxiety medicine i cry all the time wondering why me my daughter died of cancer they could not help her she literately starved to death the put in a tube and when she drank water it would go right through her in to the bag she looked like a skeleton i was heart broken
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Need a car desperately
I need a car because I need a job and a place to live NOW TODAY I need my own life. Please please can you help me ?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to mikeey
Hi this is only a info site. The person u posted to not been on here for years now. There no resources that helps with a car or anything to do with a car. If anything fine a job take a bus or walk what ever it takes to get on your feet. I have been there it was get a job or I was going to be on the streets again i took going back to school to get that good job but I wasn't happy with what I made so I went back to school I work nights went to school in the afternoon lefe school at 9:45 to be at work at 11:00 did this for six half months the place I work for move me up where I made good money. I am and old lady now don't get even hafe what I was getting at work but I am making it I don't have a car something wrong with it cost more than I can pay but I still making it from my friends.
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I need a car preferably a truck.
I have a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville and started working a concrete job my hub assembly went out fixed 3 times on passenger side and twice on driver. Then the Cadillac converter went out from under the car as if someone tried to cut it off which made the rear o2 sensor ban which dropped the fuel mileage from 400+m per tank down to less than 100on a 16 gal tank I road bk n forth to work with my supervisor till one day he stopped picking me up with no reason or explication so I tried to get a unemployment benefits but was turned down because i didnt have a way to work

I live at my stepdads house and know im not wanted here im 30 and have nothing to show for no kids never married my life is a wreck n feel like I've got no purpose in life I ask myself everyday what's the reasons

Im not the type to ask for a handout but something g needs to change before life ends too soon
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I need a car. Because my 3yr daughter loves and she's told me to buy a car but I have no money to bring it and maintain also. So I need a free car . I am poor. No one should help me .my baby should not understand my level.i want her dream never fails
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woman in a shoe   in reply to melodymelly
Hi this is only a info site. The person u posted to not been on here for years. Sorry there no resources that helps with a car
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I'm behind I lost my job an now I don't know if I can get out this hole... No way out
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in need of a car bad. I'm currently pregnant with my 6 th child and can't work because I'm almost due..I need a car to be able to go we're I need to go and get things for my kids and abjob after I have this baby..I really need sum help
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Car needed for grocery shopping and doctor
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Despertar
Hi this is only a info site. The person u posted to not been on here for years most likely u will not here from this person. If u from another country we don't know any info out of the states. If u not out of the states post back to me.
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I have to work 18 horas a dar ,my daughter just finísh school and to work and find how top ay collage has no car ...i cant aflord another payment...i also paying for my mom apartment and medical expenses in Colombia....Please i need help.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Johnnyred
Hi Johnnyred i sorry this is only a info site. The person u posted to not been on here for years. For rent there or places that can help if they got the funds. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put courty state there will be a list of places that can help if they got the funds just because they don't have anything today don't mean they want have it next week. For a car there no resources that helps with anything to do with a car. Hope this helps u.
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We need any vehicle was we were in car accident two years ago both suffering life long injuries trying to get a job the walking is hurting us worse we don't want ssi disability we want to work for what we get hard to ask for help when your down were just both just glad to be alive and we thank god fod for it
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