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DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

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Hi the only reason I need a vehicle is because I just moved my brother and sister in law in with my wife and I, oh their 39 year old son also. But he just got a job at wal mart. Both his parents are not well. Ted is a retired airforce airman. And his wife Tham had open heart surgery. a while back. and is still very weak from it. I am dissabled with a bad back. But do what I can. The problem, my little truck is about worn out, and only seats 2.5-3 people depending on size at a time. well whenever we all want to go somewhere we have to make more than 1 trip, that can really be a pain in the neck!!! We have been doing this for the last two months so far, it has worked out not to bad so far. With 4 people on social security, and one just starting out at wal mart, we will pray that this will be OK. Since we just don't have the money to buy another vehicle. We do have our share of Dr.'s appointments, Considering our health. I have never asked for help online before.
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I need a car because I have been unemployed more than a year already. I have been looking for jobs and no one calls. I am desperate right now don't know what to do with my rent and my bills. I am getting disconnection notices from utility bills and have nobody to ask for help. My two relatives that live near me are just making it with their expenses.Another reason I am so tired of walking everywhere especially with weather 90 degrees and above and I have four children six and under so i have to carry them everywhere with me and feel bad because they get tired especially with the heat, also I don't want to walk my kids to school in the cold when winter comes. I don't want them getting real sick with the cold weather especially for walking a 15 minute walk in the cold . If I had a car it can change a lot by getting them to school finding job easier and even taking them to doctor appointments a lot easier. Please Help!! :( I'm desperate for all the help I can get :(
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Haven't had a car in six months, and stuck on the other side of the country from the guy I love. I have no way to get back to him. I'm desperate.
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please help me i need the money really bad
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I need a car because I am a disabled vet that is in need of work. All of the work that i can get requires me to have reliable trans. My credit is poor due to my identity being stolen several times while overseas. I am currently homeless.
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because i dnt have any car till now i am 38 so i want a car for my familly when i have car my familly really became happy
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rafael rosas
And back were i was we ust lost a car we have one more but still trying to pay it but probably not gonna pay we need help with money and i have to go walking to workand really need a car but dnt have money
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rafael rosas
Hi my perants need alot of help we been trying to do anything possible to get money but we cant i work at mcdonalds part time im 17 really deppresing life im gonna have to drop out of school this year that is coming i love school but i cnt stand seeing my perants suffer like this so im ust gonna drop out n try to save money to help them is gonna take a while tho but either way ..if anyone ca
n help us plz let me knw :c
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i am single and my husband up and left me with know job,so i was force to go on welfare,while waiting for my s.s.d,my car broke down and i have docker apointments to meet. i cann't afford to get it fix or buy another one,because i don't bring in enough and now i feel stranded, trying to depand on other people,please help.
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Thank you I did.
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I have been without a car for three months, I live in the dessert and we are about 21 miles to stores etc. I am on Social Security, with a set income. I have went thru seven mechanics who all walked a way from my car not knowing why it would not run. It has left me broke and desperate. I have M.S and heart problems and a son with Autism. We really need a car. I have put my house up for sale so I can buy a car, but so far no one wants to live in the dessert either. Heard of people selling houses but not to buy a car. Well I am. LOL I am a single Mom of two Teens and have raised them so far on my own. I have always been able to handle what came down. I am desperate and do not know what to do. I need help, I really need help. Please help me and my family. We have no buses, taxi or actually help from neighbors. It gets real hot here in Az some times as much as 118 !! Food is running real low and I feel Desperate. Thanks
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Single mom desperate for!!!
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I want a car urgently pls help anybody
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I need a car for a few reasons one because I have a girlfriend who is six months pregnant she is living in a trailer with best friend in a different county and me in one county she has doctors appointments in a big city and is having a hard time finding rides to her appointments and me having two jobs walking is hard we please need your help thank you
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Hello i need a car FOR my boyfriend because he just have good jobs now i so hard get a car we walked everywhere but we get sick to much it so hot outside so i need to help please :'(
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Hy I am atif I need a car for my mom and dad they are old and my mother is the patient of back bone. She feel so much pain in her back bone .my mother can not ride on bike she feel pain in back bone . We live in city but our family live in vlg . So that,s why on any function in vlg my father and mother go to vlgon bike and my mother feel pain in back bone my parent,s give me all happiness they give me all thing which I want so that,s why I need a car for my parent,s plz hlp me and my parent,s I want to gift the car to my parents plz hlp plz I beg you plz hlp me plz give me a car.
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bebeto   in reply to shenal
let her go if she want 2. just because car........
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there is a work am applying for, and they told me that if i don't have a car it wont be given to me.
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Jenny B
I am a recovering addict and am starting my life over again. I need a car to look for jobs, and to go to the outpatient rehab, I am also looking for an apt. and need a car to go see places. Please give me a chance to start over and do things right this time. I would be forever grateful. I am a 25 year old female and I really need someone to believe in me again.
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Need a car would love to go back to carering for the ederly. As my car had to go as every thing was going wrong with it so need car to get back to work so can eat money to live
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