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DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

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Inspiration   in reply to diamond21
What part of Georgia do you live in?
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I just got put out i live in ga im a 19 yr old female with no job shelter money or food if i could just get a car i could be on the start to bettering myself i was adopted now I'm on the streets. I need help please!!! It doesn't have to be a new truck or car just something to get me from point A to point B
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BaddCatt   in reply to AidpageTeam
Woops!! I mis-spoke.
Here's an update. The majority of the notifications I receive, go to my spam folder. Those are the ones with links that don't work. A few messages make it to my normal inbox. I just tried, and those links work.
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BaddCatt   in reply to AidpageTeam
Hello Aidpage Team
I don't know if it's just me, but the direct link in the emails that I receive are not clickable. I've tried and tried, but they never work. But at least they are a notification that I have a new message.
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Inspiration   in reply to 23cassie
Give me a couple of days to do some research.
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23cassie   in reply to Inspiration
Inspiration, I have been trying to get someone to here me for sometime now , I live in chicago,ill I am in need of a car. Is there anyway or anyone you know who can help, I am I live on on limited income , I have a variety of illness, started with chronic.pain in my back, but side I need a car to get me around, my leggs will give out from walking to much, so this why I need acar, it doesn't have to be new, just a car that runs and get m to my doctor's appointments and to run my own errands. I don't need others todo my running a round I can do that my self. I just need a car.
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Inspiration
Hi Inspiration,

There are two ways to know when you have a message on Aidpage:

1. From the emails you receive from Aidpage - every time you have a message, you receive an email with a direct link to that message.

2. When you are on Aidpage (on the homepage - and you scroll down the posts, the ones that are for you have your nickname "Inspiration" highlighted with a bright green label... where it says "in reply to Inspiration" (in the caption of the post).

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Inspiration   in reply to 23cassie
I just read your post and wanted to respond and let you know that I understand how frustrating it can be when it seems like no one is listening to your cries for help. I've been a member of Aidpage for almost 3 years, and I don't know how I missed your previous postings. A while back they updated the Aidpage website and I still have trouble maneuvering through it. I don't know when someone has sent me a message unless I accidentally stumble upon it while reading through the daily posts on Aidpage. I originally joined the site to help others the best way I could, but most of us who are here are struggling financially as well. Therefore, we try to support each other, even if it’s only moral support. If you can give me a little more information about your situation and where you live without revealing any personal information, I'll look and see if there are any resources out there that can help you.
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I have been asking for help alnost a year and I haven't heard anything yet. Is there anyone out there that is listening?
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When does the help come?
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Brenda Davis
Hi my name is Arnethya im and need of a car and right now its hard 2 get around with 5 kids im singal I dont have any famiely and cant get around two get one so every day I pray that sum one will have a hart and help me.
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My name is Lauren. I am 22 and I have a 3 year old. I am a preschool teacher. I have been bumming a ride to work, but just got a home after being homeless and now I live to far out to get a ride anymore. Please, help me. I am out of options.
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Hi my name is Jazmine, a name I use in SL. I had been married for 14 yrs. as my husband as the soul provider. I used to have it all, house, a car and a motor home before I met him but my abusive husband ruined it all for me and gave me nothing in return. Not even supplying me with a good pair of walking shoes. He left me this past Dec with nothing to help support myself and soon, I will become homeless. I have no where to go but to hit the road by foot and I will not be able to carry what left of my belongings
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Hello my name is Tre, i am in need of a car to help maintain my day-to-day functions. Working, going to school and my everyday life would be so much easier if i had my own source of transportation.
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I need a car so I can make it to school, or any appointments I have, and its also hard to find a car that would fit 7of us comfortably
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Hi my name is Konah and since I been here I don't have a car I was doing my GED and trying hard to work but there was no way to work bcuz I found job far away from me and they told me to get my own car before I can start job,they dont want mebto be getting late for work so I urge you guys to please help me with any car of ur choice
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Hi my name is phillis im from a little town called Edgard,La. I lost my job five years ago and lost my car also now i am work odd jobs and helping the sick people in my family i have three people in my family who have Brent cancer who i help out but i don't always have a ride to get to their homes help me to help them thank you for listening
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Hi my name is Matthew, I need a car so bad.. I can't keep my current job anymore without one and my credit is the worst I have ever seen.. I can't get a loan for a car i tried everything now I'm gunna lose my job if i don't find transportation somehow. I am finally getting my life back together and I do the right thing but it doesnt seem to be enough.. I need help please. I am a good kid who made a mistake almost 5 years ago so its hard to find a job with a record. I don't want to lose my job I am finally getting my life back on track.. PLEASE HELP ME.. I am tired of being kicked back down everytime I get up..
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Hi my name is Hamster and I need a car because Im currently homeless and I cant get a job or find me an apartment without a car. I have 3 kids that need to go places and cant take them because I dont have a car so please help me
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My name is Lenora. I am 42 a single mother. I need a car because my nine year old daughter is wanting to attend after school clubs and my 14 year old son also wants to. They can't because we don't have any transportation. We live about 3 1/2 miles out of town and its hard to buy groceries and do other things. I live with my parent and is on SS. My parents are gone about all the time so we have no transportation. We are looking for a 5 family car that has good mileage. Please help us to get a car.

Thank You,
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