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DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

Lcollver started this conversation


If you need a free car,there's a good chance you might be able to receive one..

go to FREECHARITYCARS.ORG, read the rules,register and's easy

and you vote for others,they vote for you. Just tell the truth of why you need

a car and how it can change things for you!

Please find me SHEZABLONDE and let me know you're on there,I'll vote for you!


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Hi shezablonde I need a car badly please.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Sheeran
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sent 2009. She came on asking for help i am sorry but there no place that helps with a car or anything to do with a car.
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I really need a car I'm so tried of walking 2 miles for a loaf of bread,I feel trapped in my home....l have three kids and I can't take the anywhere.
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can't even get on website, tried several times.

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littlelacie   in reply to janeyney
Lcollver has not been on this site for 7 years, we have no way to contact her. We do not know of any resources that will help anyone get a car, sorry.
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sonshinesas   in reply to janeyney
So sorry no free cars anywhere we know of
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hi my name is Nakita Capelle im in salem and my wife and 3 kids we needs your help please we need a car .thank you.
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littlelacie   in reply to Tezandray
We do not know any resources that will give anyone a free car, sorry. Lcollver has not been on this site since 2009, she just does not come on here anymore,sorry.
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Im on here hope my luck changes x
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Tezandray   in reply to hombre de piadra
I no how it feels to suffer from mental illness takin medication every day I wish u all the best I vote for u x
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Hi I have a 1month old babie I suffer from PTSD and slit personality disorder I find it hard to get out and about due to my mental health I have tried Savin but other things come up and thn I use what money I have to pay off what is needed at the time I've been having a lot of bad look in debt up to my eye balls and would like the chance to take my 16month old son out and about a car would be ideal for us both I am a single parent and in need of a bit of luck if anyone can help I'll be more than great full and besides saying thank you I could cook u a dinner and make u a coffee or tea as that's all I can offer to show appriciation x
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mentor16   in reply to hombre de piadra
Hi, I'm a vet also and I'm not sure if you can come to the East Coast but there's a program in Baltimore called McVet for all Military Vets that have problems with claims, housing, drug and alcohol addiction and more. This is the only program I know where paperwork moves fast and they also house you until you get on your feet but if you have an income you will pay about 30% of your pay, other than that it's about the only place I know. You definitely can get housing in 3-4 months, apt. condo or townhouse.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to hombre de piadra
Hi all we can do is give u information there u mite get help i see mine friend has posted to u i have found some info out about where u mite be able to get a car go to the welfare office and ask them for a emergency form they can help u with getting your car fix i don't know how they work but i was given this info this past weekend was also told if they not able to fix your car or truck they mite be able to get u one. I have forgot to tell my friend this info i will post to her now on this hope this can help u and thinks for your yours years of service
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littlelacie   in reply to hombre de piadra
We do not know any resources that will help anyone get a car, sorry. And please do not say "I wish to hell that you can help me out". Please do not address me with profanity. I do not have or know of any vehicles that I can blindly send to someone over 1000 miles away.
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hombre de piadra   in reply to littlelacie
Hello Little lace I am Raul a Vietnam Veteran, that is looking or an old vehicle as mine got a broken motor? I wish to to hell that you can help me out on how to go about this older car. I am putting in for my compensation on P.T.S.D. , but the V.A. sits on this cases for years? But once I get it , I can make sure to pay you back right away.
Thanks a lot .Littlelacie,
Raul Vallejo
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hombre de piadra   in reply to Phoenixrose
Phoenixrose- I am an older Vietnam Veteran, I live at a Veteran's Home in California. my older car finally gave out on me ? With this older car I was able to make money by going to the flea markets, and giving people rides. or go run errands for others , etc. With out a car I am doomed ? Wish I could get some one to give me an older car right away. I have a few medical problems and have asked the V.A. to help me? The V.A. has denied my P.T.S.D. claim? So I am sending a new claim- but it is very hard to get the V.A attention - it will take me a few years to get any source of compensation if I am lucky. Can you help me out so I can also visit my children in Monterey County. I hope there is something you can do for me, I will sign any contract that if and when any compensation comes in, that your agency will be the first one to get paid off.
Thank You so much & God Bless you.
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littlelacie   in reply to Phoenixrose
Hi,Lcollver has not been on this site since 2009. You really need to post this somewhere in your town so local people can see it. Aidpage is seen in all 50 states and some other countries. We do not know any resources that will help anyone get a car,sorry.
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hi im new to Minnesota i came hear to be close too my baby girl and grand baby im 53 yrs young and have not got work yet,i dont what any thing for free i would work for it a good runing smal car , i have mine skills !!! you mite need help with landscaping or cooking ,painting,sheetrock,,yard work ,house cleaning done !! you name it ive done it just about any skiled trade but master at none . i dont want a hand out ,i need a hand up on my feet ,,, PLEASE and THANK YOU !!!!
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littlelacie   in reply to Weezy71420
no resources we know of will help anyone get a car,sorry.
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I need a car to get to school and work I have to wait for the bus very late at night everyday I would love a car it would help me out so much o wouldn't struggle as much anymore
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