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DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

Lcollver started this conversation


If you need a free car,there's a good chance you might be able to receive one..

go to FREECHARITYCARS.ORG, read the rules,register and's easy

and you vote for others,they vote for you. Just tell the truth of why you need

a car and how it can change things for you!

Please find me SHEZABLONDE and let me know you're on there,I'll vote for you!


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littlelacie   in reply to bubbybrandon
We do not know any resources that will help anyone get a car,sorry.Lcollver has not come back on this site since 2009,so you most likely not hear from her.
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sonshinesas   in reply to bubbybrandon
Sorry no fund for vehicles we know of. Maybe find someone you can hitch a ride with for a while until you get on your feet?
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I stay home with my girl friend she is on disability we don't have enough moneyb to pay bills I want to go back to work but don't have the money to get me a car so can some one help me please
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littlelacie   in reply to Chicken george
Lcollver has not been back on this site since 2009,so most likely you will not hear from her.We do not know any resources that will help anyone get a car or win a car,sorry.
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Chicken george
I would love to win a new vechile such as a 2014 town and country van I just retired a couple of years from the gov. I lost my mom and father in-law the same year which is last year I been paying much of my bills I want to take my wife on a vacation we been married 30 years I love to help kids and senior citizen I am a black man 67 and I love having a home or money to help out I am a veit nam Navy veteran I am a keyboard musician and organ please help me out take care God Bless
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buemo yo no puedo depender de nadie y tengo quir al work n thake my bby girl to shcool n all the ting that a need to do
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WANDAA1953   in reply to pleasingpat
do you now where I can get a car
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littlelacie   in reply to pleasingpat
Hi, Lcollver has not come back on this site since 2009,we do not know any resources that help anyone get a car,sorry. Medicaid pays for taxi to and from doctor appointments. Maybe a family member or friend from church wouldn't mind taking you to grocery store.
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I am an older person, 62 years old disabled, on a fixed income. I cannot afford to buy a car. I have a pacemaker, arthritis, and high blood pressure. I need a car to get to dr. appts.and to get my medication. It is hard to get a rtde. It is getting cold, and I need a car. i cannot walk in the cold to get to the store or to the doctor. l Please vote for me, and i will vote for you.
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Thank you so much i was raised in the church and i pray every day and night sometimes the devil really tugs but i can't give in especially now cause now i get to go to a psychiatrist yippee but i will go there now and i do appreciate the words of wisdom and support thank you have a wonderfully blessed evening
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Well back in august i started having these attacks/episodes idk i have no memory other than what i am told they last up to 2 hours sometimes well my husband of going on 11 years came home on day 2 of these he was privy to witness and be part of 2 of them in 1 day instead of taking me to get medical help he got up early the next day loaded up the harley he got me last year for our anniversary and left and said he wasn't coming back no warning no excuse still to this day 3 weeks later i get divorce papers he left me with no vehicle no money no food per the dr's i am not allowed to drive work be left alone distribute my own meds was going for mental therapy now i half to go to a psychiatrist and the neuro is running tests of all kinds so far the mri shows blockage all across the frontal skull brain wave shows normal they have me on all kinds of meds but the migraines still are daily the episodes are not as frequent but they are still happening and my friend/sister Jan is on disablility and she has been paying for my meds dr visits and the fuel my friend/lil bro rear end went out on truck so we are down to just the one and not only does Jan take me back and forth she has 2 other ladies that she takes to and from drs such Jay knows my ssi hasn't been approved yet so he has been letting things get shut off and if he brings me money instead of it going to drs meds and such he says electric or get the main breaker and breaker box fixed while he gets to go and have fun and do what he has always done and i do without as always i have lost 32 lbs doing without groceries but that part is taken care of its just that we need transportation that is reliable and economical as Jan and Adam the ones that get me to and from the drs are both on disability and my son moved back from kentucky to help take care of me he makes sure i get my meds in the morning and evenings he has just started a job but he doesn't have transportation and well we scrape by on wing and a prayer i do not to this day know why Jay left and filed Jan has started a Give it Forward fund but everyone we know doesn't have alot and i figure want to stay neutral idk but it isn't collecting anything i found an attorney that will take my case for $525 flat fee but even that is hard to come by legal aid has twice turned me down said they are swamped but they did draw up papers saying that i am saying no to everything he is saying but that is it
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I need a vehicle
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littlelacie   in reply to Mikey z1
Medicaid pays for cab fare to and from appointments at doctors offices or clinics.We do not know any resources that will help anyone get a car,sorry. Lcollver has not been on this site for years.
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Mikey z1
Iam a 54 years old am on ssi and dont have a car, am at the dr all the time, getting rides is very hard, everyone is working but me, if i could get one i could get some part time work, its very hard on me if i can get to bus its all day getting around
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littlelacie   in reply to Motherless
we do not know any resources that will help anyone get a car,sorry.
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I'm in need of a car so bad right now...My son is 5 and will be starting school next year and I'm in desperate need for a job I can have a job they have offered me but really need transportation. I want to be able to take my son to activities and give him a more fun life he deserves so much more. Thanks allot
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sonshinesas   in reply to
Sorry no one is giving away cars.
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I need a car so I can began my journey in life and have a ride to work and to the grocery store and get closer to God.
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I need a car. I don't have any license but I had to sell mine to buy food with. If you give me one I can work on getting my license.
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littlelacie   in reply to HTS
I have never posted to you. We just simply do not know any resources that will help anyone get a car,sorry.Not sure what you are referring need to get upset about a conversation I never had. Do I know you?
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